Tuesday, September 25, 2018

FOX NEWS: April Freeman, Dem House candidate in Florida, dies unexpectedly

April Freeman, Dem House candidate in Florida, dies unexpectedly

A Democratic Florida Congressional candidate died unexpectedly on Sunday night, her family said.

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FOX NEWS: GOP senators defend Kavanaugh as exasperation mounts: 'We're in the Twilight Zone,' Graham says

GOP senators defend Kavanaugh as exasperation mounts: 'We're in the Twilight Zone,' Graham says

Shortly after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered a forceful defense of embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on the Senate floor, top Judiciary Committee Republicans on Monday sounded notes of both exasperation and defiance in the face of what they have characterized as last-minute "smears."

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FOX NEWS: UN to caution against populism in high-level week

UN to caution against populism in high-level week

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is expected to paint a grim picture of the state of the world when leaders open their annual meeting on Tuesday, spotlighting the breakdown of trust around the globe and the need to counter unilateralism and reinvigorate international cooperation which is the foundation of the United Nations.

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FOX NEWS: Vietnam jails activist for anti-government posts on Facebook

Vietnam jails activist for anti-government posts on Facebook

A court in southern Vietnam has sentenced an activist to 27 months in prison for Facebook posts that judges say insulted the ruling Communist Party and government and called for anti-government protests.

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FOX NEWS: Iran vows revenge after attack on military parade

Iran vows revenge after attack on military parade

Iran vows to retaliate, blames Israel and U.S. On 'Fox News @ Night,' Fox News contributor Daniel Hoffman reacts to the latest developments between the U.S. and North Korea.

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FOX NEWS: Venezuelan official to crash UN meeting on migrant crisis

Venezuelan official to crash UN meeting on migrant crisis

Venezuela's foreign minister said Monday that he is ready to crash a meeting at the United Nations called to help surrounding countries struggling to deal with the flood of migrants fleeing his nation's economic crisis.

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FOX NEWS: Venezuela says diplomats may be tied to assassination try

Venezuela says diplomats may be tied to assassination try

Venezuela's government said Monday that diplomats from three Latin American countries may have played a role in an attempt to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro, and it demanded the foreign governments investigate.

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FOX NEWS: Polish globe-trotter blunders into Indonesia-Papua conflict

Polish globe-trotter blunders into Indonesia-Papua conflict

To the Indonesian government, the 39-year-old factory worker and globe-trotting Polish traveler is a danger to the state, a man who plotted with shadowy gunmen to foment revolt in isolated eastern jungles.

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FOX NEWS: Rescued Indian and Irish sailors head for remote island

Rescued Indian and Irish sailors head for remote island

An Indian and an Irish sailor rescued from damaged sailboats in the remote southern Indian Ocean will be delivered to land on Tuesday when they reach an island and undergo medical assessments, an official said.

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FOX NEWS: Trump announces he'll hold another summit with Kim Jong Un

Trump announces he'll hold another summit with Kim Jong Un

White House remains concerned that North Korea is not making enough progress on denuclearization. John Roberts has the latest for 'Special Report.'

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FOX NEWS: Mexico: Alleged lookout nabbed in murder of Chiapas reporter

Mexico: Alleged lookout nabbed in murder of Chiapas reporter

A man was arrested Monday in the shooting death of a journalist who worked for the newspaper El Heraldo de Chiapas, and authorities were searching for three other people suspected of having ordered the killing.

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FOX NEWS: Trump: We will have a second summit with Kim Jong Un

Trump: We will have a second summit with Kim Jong Un

President Trump says North Korea has tremendous economic potential.

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Aquarius migrant ship cannot disembark in French port: minister

France is not ready for now to allow the Mediterranean rescue ship Aquarius to dock and disembark dozens of migrants at the port of Marseille, France's finance minister said on Tuesday.

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UK's Labour opposition says preparing to vote down PM May's Brexit deal

Britain's main opposition Labour Party is set to vote down any deal Prime Minister Theresa May clinches with the European Union and is open to a second referendum with the option of staying in the bloc, its Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer said on Tuesday.

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The Strange Life of Garden Eels

By JAMES GORMAN and CHRISTOPHER WHITWORTH from NYT Science https://ift.tt/2xAoN5y

On Politics: Kavanaugh Says He Won’t Be ‘Intimidated’

By Unknown Author from NYT U.S. https://ift.tt/2QXbXq6

Teen Survives 7 Weeks Stranded at Sea by Reading Bible, Catching Fish from Ocean

An Indonesian teen survived being stranded on the open seas for 49 days with nothing but the clothes on his back, a radio, limited food, and the Bible.

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Pastor Brunson to Be Freed from 'Radical Islamic' Turkish Regime?

Turkish authorities are sending signals that Pastor Andrew Brunson could be released next month.

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More Chinese Pastors Sign Statement Affirming Religious Freedom as US Govt Holds Hearing on Persecution

The Chinese government's efforts to tighten its controls over religious matters in the communist country continues. The increased persecution of Christians and other faiths by the Chinese government now has Washington's attention.

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Brett Kavanaugh: Embattled Trump nominee 'not going anywhere'

Brett Kavanaugh takes to Fox News with his wife to fight back against sexual assault allegations.

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Instagram co-founders Systrom and Krieger leaving firm

Kevin Systrom said he and Mike Krieger wanted to "explore our curiosity and creativity".

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Portuguese 400 year old shipwreck found off Cascais

Archaeologists describe the shipwreck found near Lisbon as "the discovery of the decade".

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Iran nuclear deal: Plan put forward to dodge US sanctions

A new payment system is to be created as major powers try to keep doing business with Iran.

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Dellen Millard killed father as he slept and inherited millions

The 2012 death was originally ruled a suicide, but Dellen Millard shot his sleeping dad in the eye.

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Climate change kills Antarctica's ancient moss beds

Climate change is killing Antarctic's mosses, hardy plants growing at the bottom of the planet for centuries.

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Rod Rosenstein: Russia inquiry chief set for Trump showdown

Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Russia inquiry, faces crunch talks at the White House this week.

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Dallas officer fired for killing innocent man in his own apartment

Amber Guyger was on leave since shooting Botham Shem Jean inside his own flat on 6 September.

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Oil price jumps as Opec keeps output steady

Brent crude hits four-year highs after oil-producing countries fail to agree an increase in production.

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Italy migrant crisis: Government passes tough bill

The measure, which now requires a parliamentary vote, makes it easier to deport migrants.

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US man, 74, found alive days after fire in Washington DC

Nobody knew the senior citizen was missing for five days but he was in good spirits when found.

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Luka Modric named best male player and Marta best female player at Fifa awards

Real Madrid's Luka Modric is named the world's best male player at the Best Fifa Football Awards in London, as Marta is named best female player.

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Brett Kavanaugh: 'I've never sexually assaulted anyone'

Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh denies sexual misconduct claims in a Fox News interview.

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Water shortages fuel ongoing protests in Basra, Iraq

Anti-government protesters in Basra, Iraq, are demanding reliable electricity and water.

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Indiana school bus driver fired for letting kids drive

She's now facing preliminary felony charges for allowing students to drive.

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BTS star: 'I was lucky I didn't give it all up'

In the first ever speech by a K-pop group to the UN, BTS's RM urged young people to love themselves.

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Taiwan tribal tattoo: 'Held down and marked when I was just eight'

Yayut Ciswas is the last living tribesperson in Taiwan with a traditional full face tattoo.

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Delayed orchestra's impromptu airport gig

When stuck in Geneva Airport, these professional musicians decided to treat their fellow passengers.

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Kavanaugh protesters arrested on Capitol Hill

The sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh have sparked protests.

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New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern's baby premieres among world leaders

The New Zealand leader makes history by bringing baby Neve to the UN in New York.

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Terminally ill gamer achieves 'Ultimate' goal

Chris Taylor who has bone cancer got to play Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game early following a social media campaign.

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The world's worst place to be stranded at sea?

Abhilash Tomy was rescued 2,000 miles from land, but is there a worse place to have an accident at sea?

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Quiz: Test your knowledge of evolution

There are many myths and misunderstandings about evolution - how much do you know?

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How translation apps are ironing out embarrassing gaffes

The goal of real-time natural language translation is getting closer, but mistakes still happen.

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Letter from Africa: Why I was sentenced to 5,000 years in jail

Rodney D Sieh, editor of Liberia's FrontPageAfrica, reflects on what his career says about journalism in West Africa.

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Is this one of the world's most beautiful airports?

India's newest airport, which is carved out of a mountain, has been called an "engineering marvel".

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Italy's coalition willing to keep deficit below 2 percent of GDP: source

Italy's ruling coalition is willing to keep the public deficit below 2 percent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP), a government source said after a meeting at the prime minister's office over the budget late on Monday.

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UK to favor skilled migration, no EU preference after Brexit: reports

Prime Minister Theresa May and her ministers have agreed to focus Britain's post-Brexit migration system on high-skilled migrants and will not offer preference to European Union workers, newspapers said.

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Philippine poll shows biggest ratings slump for Duterte as inflation soars

Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte suffered the biggest ratings slump of his presidency in the third quarter, an independent pollster said on Tuesday, amid signs of public unease about rising inflation and the cost of staple foodgrain rice.

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Cambodia's Festival of the Dead: rice offerings and Buddhist chants

Cambodians threw rice on the ground on Tuesday to mark the 'Festival of the Dead' or Pchum Ben and feed the spirits of the dead.

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U.S. accuses Myanmar military of 'planned and coordinated' Rohingya atrocities

A U.S. government investigation has found that Myanmar's military waged a "well-planned and coordinated" campaign of mass killings, gang rapes and other atrocities against the Southeast Asian nation’s Rohingya Muslim minority.

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As Tripoli violence rises, France wants sanctions on militias

France said on Monday it wanted the U.N. Security Council to implement sanctions on militias involved in month-long clashes between rival factions in Libya's capital Tripoli, which has undermined U.N. efforts to hold elections by year-end.

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Venezuela's Maduro accuses Chile, Colombia, Mexico of helping drone attack

Venezuela's socialist president Nicolas Maduro accused the right-wing governments of Chile, Colombia and Mexico on Monday of helping "terrorists" who tried to kill him during a drone attack in early August.

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FOX NEWS: April Freeman, Dem House candidate in Florida, dies unexpectedly

April Freeman, Dem House candidate in Florida, dies unexpectedly A Democratic Florida Congressional candidate died unexpectedly on Sund...